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We address joint pain, osteoarthritis, and injuries with cutting edge, regenerative treatments.

Advanced Stem Cell Technology | Treatments that work when others fail

Do You Struggle With...

Do you struggle with joint pain?

Do you suffer from Osteoarthritis? 

Do you suffer from an injury?

Or other difficult or chronic health challenge?

Finally Time To Find Relief Where Past Treatment Has Failed

Why Choose Us?

We are Hawaii’s premier source for treatment and information regarding stem cell and regenerative treatments. Guided by the expertise of our Board of Medical Professionals, we aim to stay on top of cutting edge in regenerative solutions, especially with how new the field is and how much information and research is being done.

What Past Patients Have To Say

In lieu of a scheduled knee replacement, I decided to opt for stem cell therapy with the Stem Cell Institute of Hawai’i as it had been highly recommended to me by several friends who had successful results. I am so happy that I decided to do this. Prior to the treatment, I was wearing a huge knee brace and taking anti-inflammatory drugs. Instead of invasively inserting metal and undergoing a painful surgery, I am enjoying natural mobility. I highly recommend the Stem Cell Institute of Hawai’i to anyone considering any type of surgery.

K. Inaba

I have not thought of my shoulder or its pain since I got the procedure 3 months ago!

Tom Hilo

It has been the best thing I have spent on myself in a long time. From constant pain to only occasional slight pain when I over do it.

Erica Keeau

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Services we offer

We focus exclusively on Stem Cell and regenerative therapies. 
Stem cell procedures are done for joint, tendon, muscle, autoimmune, Lung And Brain Conditions. Additional therapies such as platelet rich plasma, Ozone, acupuncture, and nutritional consultation are also available to aid in recovery. 

How Much Does It Cost

Costs vary based on recommended treatments and the amount of stem cells needed. Also, note that not everyone is a candidate for treatment. For this, we do complimentary evaluations to see if you would be a candidate AND to make sure you know the exact costs BEFORE you ever spend a penny. 

Ready to explore solutions?

Do you have questions about how Stem Cell Institute of Hawaii can help you? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, or phone between 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday-Friday — we would be delighted to speak with you.